OrganizeME 1.1

Agenda, text editor, diary, email client...all in one!


  • Offers a wide range of productivity tools from one interface
  • System Tray icon for easy access


  • Email client is very basic

Very good

OrganizeME is essentially a program that aims to be all things to all people, allowing you to create a database of contacts where you can store all manner of information about your friends and family, a calendar for programming alarms and reminders and a tool for opening files automatically.

Although not particularly advanced, the built-in email client is useful for sending out information from within the application. It's particualrly great for jotting down your thoughts in the text editor then sharing them with others without having to wade through multiple programs. Handily, OrganizeME places itself in the System Tray, meaning it's always on hand whenever you have an important note to take down or if you quickly want to send an email. What's more, the easy-to-configure alarm is great for reminding you of tasks or appointments throught the day.

OrganizeME, as you should guess from it's name, is an organizer. But there are a lot of organizer programs around the world, so what makes it special? Because it is different, easy and extensive. It is a utility for those people who spend too much time with their computers.

It stays on tray and reminds you on any event you have scheduled, launches a file you have scheduled, provides you an advanced contact database, reminds you on the birthdays of your contacts, lets you keep your diary securely, reminds you on an incoming email and includes/provides some other utilities. Also, all modules of OrganizeME are associated with each other. So you always gain time using it.



OrganizeME 1.1

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    Clunky. Cluttered interface. Needs updating to run smoothly on Win7. Items considered features 20 year...   More